The Real Milu

The Real pets that inspired Milu’s House:

Milu was a dirty, hungry flea bitten Boxer than my son and I rescued from the back yard where she had been abandoned by her original owners. The back yard backed up on woods she had developed many - Smiling boxer dog

What a smile:  The Happiest Rescue Dog on the planet

skills to survive. She hunted birds and dug up earthworms. But she was ready to be a pet again.

After a few months of trail and error with her mostly destroying the house. We became the perfect team. Once I figured out what she need from me it took me less than an hour to train her

She taught me so much: How to enjoy everyday, how to forgive, how to enjoy the small things and how to be consistent among a few. When I lost her I was heartbroken. It was her told when I had a fantastic idea or showed my new shoes. I knew she didn’t care about the idea or the shoes but she cared about me.

When I left the vet for the last time with a heavy heart I thought what would have she wanted me to do to honor her? It first that thought that’s stupid she would want some Chicken. But after thinking about it I realized she would want every pet like her to have chance to have a home and be loved.

I thought  about it and I realized that is she had made it to a shelter she would have been put down quickly due to her “behavior” problems. if she had been in mesh cage she would have chewed right though it, she did at my house. It took patience to figure out how the best way to deal with her and I had to retrain myself.

I decided that I would start a not for profit dedicated to giving Abandoned dogs with behavior problems a chance. If you were a abandoned wouldn’t you feel a little cranky.

Milu and her favorite Cat Rasinette

Milu and her favorite Cat Rasinette

I think Milu would approve. She will be a bit disappointed that she won’t be able to cuddle all of the dogs and the cats, Maybe she can brush theme with her angel wings.

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