Our Mission

We are Milus’s House

The real pets that Inspired Milu’s House: Click for Milu’s story


My son our rescue dog and IWe are a newly forming Not for profit dedicated to rescuing AbandonedWe save Animals with Candles and Love Dogs and Cats with behavior issues. We will give them a chance to be rehabilitated, recover from the traumas they have suffered and realize their potential as wonderful pets. It all started when my son and I rescued an older female boxer from the backyard where she was abandoned. She called her Milu.


She turned out to be the most wonderful soul I have known. She taught me how to enjoy the moment, how to forgive, how to love unconditionally. With work and patience she became a stellar dog, perfectly obedient, everyone who met her fell in love with her.


The Headliner in my car took a beatingOur relationship was not an easy one in the beginning she pulled down all the drapes in the house , she destroyed an air conditioning unit, the headliner of my car. She would run away for a while it was nightmare.


The problem was a surprising one, it was me. I didn’t know much about dogs. I didn’t know what she needed, she was frightened and trying to adjust.  Enter Cesar Milan  fortunately I discovered Cesar Milan on Netflix. She wanted something very simple from me, she wanted me to be her leader. Once I figured that out I literally trained her in a walk. It was one of those day and night moments one minute she was ripping the house apart and not listening and the next moment she was walking by my side perfectly obedient.

her first night being rescued. She was scared

her first night being rescued. She was scared


She and I needed that time to figure each other out. I realized if she had been a shelter she never would have had a chance. So many animals have no chance in the shelter that are shy, traumatized, frightened, unsure they might appear aggressive. Almost no one has the patience for them and they are considered unadoptable. Milu’s House wants to help as many as we can.


My beloved Milu fell ill she left this world in March 2015. She was such as special creature I knew I wanted to honor her and create a legacy in her memory. I wondered what she would have truly wanted? She would want every dog and cat who is alone and lost to have a chance at a home and love like she did.


Milu’s house will be funded by the sale of Milu’s Healing Candles 100% of the profits from the candles will be used to help animals in need.

A few days after her rescue she had fit right in

A few days after her rescue she had fit right in

First Steps

“Inch by Inch it’s Cinch yard by yard it’s Hard” – Mary Kay Ash

We will start by support local non-kill animal organizations with food medical care, blankets, dog training etc. I cannot wait until we can fully fund an expensive medical procedure for an animal in need.


When the money starts to flow I will be sure to share and help to support these deserving organizations. Be sure to sign up for your newsletter, follow is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to check out the latest.



Big Goals


We have BIG goals. I don’t believe Shelters are the best place for an animal in need. Our plan is to create a network of dedicated foster homes to support these animals as they are rehabilitated and until they are adopted. Beyond that what makes us different is the COMPREHENSIVE care and support animals and their owners will have to access to.


One area of pet ownership you almost never hear about is preparing an owner for their pet. many well mean people have no idea what it really entails to own a cat or a dog. They are shocked and not prepared for the amount of time they have to invest.  New owner orientation  will be an essential part of our process.

You mean I have to walk this dog

You mean I have to walk this dog


What is different in our vision is to provide continued support for animals and their owners. There will be programs to assist with future vet care, emergency foster care. Training to help foster bonding between pets and owners. We will continue to be there as pets and owners as they need us.


I know first hand what it is like to struggle when you need your animal fostered in an emergency. And What is like to need expensive veterinary care when you have no money. We can’t solve all problems but we can help.


How will we do all of this?

We need to work

We need to work

Our goal is to create a Home Design empire and fuel the goals of Milu’s House with the profits of that company, like Neman’s own. We welcome donations but in the end we will be self driven.


Milu’s House will be my house and many other homes in the South Florida willing to take the time with an animal that need us. Join us buy a candle, tell your friends, donate, Love.Thank you for donating to Milu's House we save Abandoned Animals


Thank You Melissa, Jordan And Milu!




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