Tigerlily and Sammi our ShelterDogs First weeks

Our two shelter dogs First weeks

We have had Tigerlily for two weeks and Sammi for a week and a half.

TigerLily the Queen of the walkTigerLily the Queen of the walk

TigerLily the Queen of the walk; She had master walking on heel

Sammi: The queen of the poops

Sammi: The queen of the poops. She get an A for potty training

They are doing really well and learning a lot. So am I. It been a roller coaster, fun, frustrating, joyful.

The Dog TigerLily fresh from the shelter

TigerLily fresh from the shelter. My son doesn’t look happy but he is

Tigerlily is a beautiful Boxer, Bulldog mix from Miami Dade Animal Services. I got her for all the wrong reasons, her boxer like face. She simply looked like my beloved boxer Milu. But I adore her.

Sammi our Rescue Mutt

Sammi first day home. We snuck into Walmart for Dog food

Tiger Lily was extremely anxious, she wouldn’t let me out of her sight. She was ravenous for food and water, on her walks she pulled like a mac truck. House trained ,no! What did I do? So you think you are good with dogs here is Tigerlily. From what I could tell she had never been inside. She was startled and growled at the people on the TV and at her reflection in the mirror.


First things first to help her with her anxiety we put a Thundershirt on her. Thundershirt is a shirt for dogs. It is built in such a way that it hugs the animal, reassures them, and reduces their anxiety. I have used the shirt for over 3 years it saved my relationship with my previous rescue dog the famous Milu. When I found the shirt when I was desperate for a solution for her destructive anxiety driven behavior.


But anyway it was a Thundershirt for Tigerlily. Her behavior improved right away, less pacing and chewing. Now for the walk. The walk is the most important connection between an dog and the owner. A Dog wants to know one thing. Who is the pack leader who is number one, you are me? When you walk who ever is in the lead is the leader in the dog’s mind. We follow Cesar’s Way, The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan: Exercise, discipline then affection. My girls get a nice walk in the morning before we come back have breakfast and cuddles


Sammi Learning how to walk on heelSammi Learning how to walk on heel

Sammi Learning how to walk on heel

We are learning how to heel. when a dog walks on the heel she walks in line with her owner or slightly behind. TigerLily is an incredible strong dog and our first training walks she was pulling my arms out of my sockets. I needed to correct her about every 30 seconds as she determinedly pulled ahead of me. And then one day I was furious about something and I went stomping through the neighborhood with some seriously fierce energy. As I walked I was working out a solution for my problem. I wasn’t angry I was fierce.  She stayed on perfect heel the whole walk. I was amazed, this dog needed from serious energy to be her pack leader. So I brought the fierce attitude and she is now the queen of the walk. She stays on perfect heel during her walks. We are working on ignoring dogs when they bark at her she is getting better everyday. I am really amazed how quickly she has  learned. She gets an A for the walk.

TigerLily walking on heel

TigerLily walking on heel she is the champ!!!


House training is more a challenge for us. For her 3 years she had peed wherever she stood she is getting the idea that you don’t poop in the house but we are working on the peeping. She getting better and better. her anxiety is reducing, her obsession with water is diminishing. We are on track!

Everyday she is realising she is safe and I will protect her she is relaxing. She is our advocate for bigger dogs. I am amazed that many people are frightened of her. It will be up to gentle Tigerlily to educate people about bigger breeds. She already has a fan club. Follow us on Instagram to see the shenanigans.

Sammi Terrified Rescue dog.


One of the volunteers at Miami Dade Animal Services called me about Sammi. She was very cute but terrified and shaking and no one wanted her, she was so frightened. She had been at the shelter almost 2 months. When a dog is at the shelter that long they start to be in danger of being euthanized.

When  found out she was very fearful I got a Thundershirt even before I picked her up.

Sammi on her way home from the shelter

Sammi on her way home from the shelter

When I brought Sammi home in the car she hid her face under my arm and shook with fear on the ride home.I was worried about her with Tigerlily’s strength and strong personality. Would Tigerlily constantly dominate her? Would Sammi have the strength to stand up for herself? When they met Tigerlily as expected dominated and started to play rough. I was so relieved to see Sammi correct and push back TigerLily when she had enough. They would be ok.


Sammi quickly warmed up to us and remembered she was a puppy: Time to play and chew!!!!! TigerLily had remained very calm when she was alone in the house and was usually

Sammi is impossibly Cute

Sammi is impossibly Cute

sleeping when I returned. But with Sammi here the girls started to have chew parties!

Let the Chew fest begin. They destroyed my Craft bag! woah! One of the first few times I left Sammi and Tigerlily alone my craft bad was pulled apart and destroyed and then the same thing happened to my Art bag. I didn’t take a picture of that I was too upset.


I didn’t yell at them they would know why I was yelling. I just sighed and cleaned up. When the girl realized I was upset they were upset too. The didn’t know why but they knew I was upset with something they had done.


Guilty Girls after destroying my Craft bag

Guilty Girls after destroying my Craft bag

I started to put Sammi in the bathroom when I wasn’t here to put a lid on the the chew chew puppy energy. It worked perfectly. TigerLily was relaxed and  peaceful again  and Sammi had her toys to chew in the bathroom. That was until Sammi chewed up half the bathroom cabinet. Nooooooo!


The Girls in their Thundershirt

The Girls in their Thundershirts. they help with their fear and anxiety.

Time for the crate! Thankfully Sammi is crate trained and goes in happily. She chews her toys until her hearts content until I come home.


Sammi is very fearful she is happy and gaining confidence at home with us her pack in her den Outside on our walk she is frightened of everything. She wears her Thundershirt all day until she goes to sleep. It really makes a difference with her behavior and how she walks.


I will start taking her out separately so that she can have different experiences and build her confidence. She is doing really well. She is totally potty trained and the Queen of the poops.


Our journey has just begun! Follow us. In two weeks we will be starting our walk 90 mile walk to Key West to raise awareness and  $100,000 plus for Homeless and Abandoned Animals. Together we can save every one.

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