About us

Melissa and Milu

Melissa and her best Dog

Milu’s House was formed by Melissa Aldana and her son Jordan Geoffrey to honor their dog, Milu. We are an organization dedicated to saving and rehabilitating abandoned pets with Behavior problems.

Melissa has always been an animal lover, she had pets all her life mostly cats. Starting with a black stay cat called Puss May for her grandmother. “As a child I used to take water to the animals grazing in the field across from our house . I got quite a shock when I tried to water a bull and he chased me.” She had her cats Spiffy and Deenie for 15 and 16 years. Spiffy was a very especial cat that acted exactly like a dog. He always completely focused on me and we were always cuddling. I really didn’t want a dog but Milu need us.

Jordan Geoffrey is 9 years old he was the one that first saw Milu and fell in love with her. He had grown up with pets all his life forming a strong bond first with Spiff the cat and they an unbreakable bond with Milu.

Jordan And Milu at the Beach

Jordan And Milu at the Beach

Milu’s house is inspired by Milu. She was rescued january 2012 and she passed from this word on March 16th 2015. She was with her family for 3 short years and she was simply amazing in the capacity to learn love and teach. On the day she lost Milu Melissa decided to start an organisation to save dogs like Milu.

What Melissa realized was Milu would never have had a chance in a shelter. She had so many strikes against her. She was old, she was ill and she had “Behavior problems”

Her behavior problems look some months to work out. But after that she was a perfect pet. People would often comment on how perfectly behaved she was.

“I was really my ignorance about dogs that delayed her adjusting as a perfect pet. I  had to learn about dogs and what she needed. That God I discovered Cesar Milan and his philosphy with dogs. By Following Cesar’s way I was able to train her in less than a  day.

Milu’s House would give dogs like Milu a chance.

That Smile was magic

That Smile was magic

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