Happy Father’s My Ex husband Animal hero

Happy Father’s Day to all the ‪Rescue Dads‬ out there.

My Ex-husband Animal HeroMy Ex-husband Animal Hero

My Ex-husband Animal Hero

Thank you for all you do. This is my ex husband there is no love lost between us, we don’t get along that well. He is a great dad to our son and he’s a ‪Animal hero Here he is with Spiff King of all ‪Rescue Cats‬ from North Shore Animal League On the day Spiff died when we were returning from the vet we saw a terrified brown Pomeranian running erratically in the neighborhood. We go out the car to try to catch her. She bolted heading for us1 a six lane highway. My ex husband Geoff tore after her. My 5 year old son and I couldn’t follow they were going too fast. Geoff isn’t a young man. I didn’t know he could run that fast.

Horrified we saw the dog run onto the highway. Geoff followed her with no regard for himself. My son and I were screaming we thought they were both dead. Somehow he stopped all the traffic on that road dead! All six lanes. The terrified dog ran under a moving car. Geoff stopped that car and the driver helped Geoff get the dog from under the car. I have no idea how he did that. We put up fliers and were able to return the dog to her owner. Please share this story so we can celebrate all of the ‪animal lovers that risk life and limb for animals. Australian Geoff this son’s Hero, my Hero, that dog’s Hero. Pain in my ass!

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