An open letter to!

An open letter to! Calendar

look what we found at your local Recycling center

Best friends is an animal welfare society that to helped pioneer the no-kill movement. They help homeless pets around the country by supporting no kill initiatives, spay and neuter programs and rescue organizations among other things. Check  them out at

First things first they have the best  Tagline ever! Seriously ever ever ever. “SAVE THEM ALL”.

We are getting our Not For Profit going and raising

Donate to Milu's House Here

money for boring annoying things needed to run this organization. As we get our toes wet in social media a river of messages come streaming in, pleading to save animals lives. We know the gravity of the problem, millions of animals dying needlessly in shelters. To see their sweet furry faces begging for their lives was to breaking us. The thought entered our minds that we are just a few souls, could  we really make an impact? The answer of course is yes. We can, we must. But the pleading furry faces we couldn’t help were breaking our hearts.

And then we saw a tweet with Together We will Save them all yes yes!

Together We will Save them all yes yes!

an image “Together we will Save them all.” Yes, Yes, together we can Save them all! This simple statement gave us energy, drive, hope determination. It gave us energy. We realised we want this same feeling of hope and determination for Milu’s House and ourselves. We  to want to come up with our own hopeful and groovy tag  line, I’ll get out my thesaurus.

Our goal is nothing short of becoming an Animal Rescue Juggernaut. Not for the sake of being a  Juggernaut for the sake of saying yes as often as we can and providing services and support for animals and owners who would normally fall through the cracks.

As we sit here in our crap apartment with our crap computer at the beginning of our journey. Our guts are burning with determination, passion and love for those furry ambassadors of life and love who find themselves alone . We will succeed because we must. In the next year or so we will join you Best Friends as a Network Partner. Look for us.Thanks for the good vibes and the inspiration. Meanwhile give to Best Friends  give to Us. Help us to help our unwanted furry friends.

cat and Dog Love

We do it for animals like them. Milu the dog was once abandoned, hungry, thirsty and covered in fleas. Raisin was a rejected black cat that grew up in a tiny cage for her first year.

Milus House- Melissa – Jordan- Lala

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