Can Cats be rehabilitated? Yes!

Raisin and Milu a dog cat love story

Raisin and Milu a dog cat love story

When I first adopted my dog Milu lots of things were in flux. We moved 6 weeks after we got her. She moved from a house with a dog door to the backyard one without. She was not happy. She was coming from a background where she lived in a backyard on her own for years. She was used to coming and going as she pleased.

Our two cats had also passed away in this 6 week period. She was  alone in the house when I was at work and she pulled down and destroyed the blinds in frustration, all 10 of them. I wasn’t sure how to help her. I took her on longer walks but that didn’t seem to help. I had not intended to adopt any more cats for a few months. My son was in Australia for 6 weeks. He was 6 and I knew he wanted to be involved with picking new kitty pets.

Milu the Dog and her facorite cat Raisnette

Milu the Dog and her favorite cat Raisn

Milu was having a hard time and so I was I.  I didn’t know what i would come home and find. When she destroyed an air conditioner trying to get out the window I knew I had try something else. That was probably around the same time she chewed her way out of a steel dog cage. I decided she needed company.II met a girl at my yoga studio who worked at a vet’s office. She invited me to come by to look at their cats. They had some cats up for adoption, free with all their shots.

I took my large cat carrier up the the vets office to meet the cats. I told her I liked black and white cats and Calico cats. She called me into a room to meet two black cats, sisters, Raisin and Annie. Annie had a small white patch on her chest. I looked at her, They are black. I don’t really like all . black cats,” I said.  I have nothing against black cats. I am just obsessed with white feet.

“We I have other cats,” she said. “But these two have grown up here.They have been here for a year.  If you don’t take them I don’t know what we will do. You are their last hope.

She was looking at me with big wet eyed, they two cats were look at me with big round eyes. I sighed and took them.

cat and Dog Love


When I brought them home I set them up in my son room with food and a littler box. I wanted them to have some time away from the dog to adjust. They scurried out of the carrier and hid. I did really see  them for 6 weeks. periodically I would look for them in my son’s room. the food was disappearing the the litter was dirty I knew they were there. I could only ever find one. With a heavy heart I thought one had run out of the door when I let the dog out.

They didn’t interact with me or the dog at all.  They were acting feral, as if they wanted nothing to do with us. The dog and I were heartbroken. I had pledged to take care of them so these were my feral cats.

One day Annie ran out of the bedroom with Raisin right behind her. Thank God I still had both of them. They started to sniff around the living room. Milu immediately ran over but they hissed at her and wanted nothing to do with her. Poor Milu.

The cats had to learn to jump they didn’t know how. In a small cage all their life they had no room

My son getting a snuggle from the cat

My son getting a snuggle from the Raisin

to do anything. they slowly go comfortable in the living room. They still never interacted with me or the dog. My son returned and they wanted nothing to do with him either.

Then one day there was another kind of tragedy. While I was at Yoga the Dog broke the window in my old house. She jumped out the window and Annie followed. The Dog was easy to find. She always ran to her doggy friend around the corner. Thankfully she was unhurt. But Annie was missing.

There was  lady in the neighborhood that fed cats. I asked to watch out for her Annie. I saw Annie several times. I called to her and chased after her but she wouldn’t come back. I gave the cat lady some food to help her feed Annie as she decided to continue her adventure outside.

Raisin was heartbroken and cried for her sister. She sought comfort from the closest furry thing, Milu. The two of them were now inseparable always cuddling and snuggling. Raisin still wanted nothing to do with us. My son was very frustrated and would chase after her which made things worse.

One night when I was laying in bed Raisin came creeping in. I ignored her as she was often

Raisin the cat Cuddling with me for the first time


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